Chief Connector

As @Chief_Connector, I advocate for those HR vendors that 'make what's excellent in others visible


As a trusted HR Tech Advisor I will  

Coordinate the tools and experts to champion your aspirations, help you avoid common pitfalls, jump aggressively forward in the learning curve, match you with partners for your best Go to Market options and introduce you into HR Ecosystems where you will benefit from friendly introductions and proprietary competitive intelligence 


Meet our team of like-minded experts in their own right who I work with on various projects depending upon the stage of the clients development and their particular needs of the day.  

We have joined together because we are all rowing towards the same landing, a great experience for our clients where they find their niche in the market and their best partners with whom to serve that market.  A Win, Win, Win situation is always the goal where the end clients and both partners benefit from the relationships we help to establish and grow.


We have all been in the HR Technology market for over 20 years whether it is in Talent Acquisition, Payroll, HCM, HRIS, Integrations, Analytics, Compensation, Compliance, Pay Equity, Recruiting, Benefits etc. 


Due to our time in the industry we usually know the path of least resistance to take to establish partnerships, where big time can be wasted on the wrong path, the software tools that can help speed up your progress toward success and which connections can make a huge difference in your growith plans and strategic plans being met on time.