90% of your (TAM) Total Addressable Market is NOT BUYING


We have the tools and connections to discover and share with you who is shopping for and researching your product and services right now, who has the budget to purchase and who has the power to make the decision.   250/hr (min 4000/mo for 6 months)

Need Exposure in the Market? 


Our team is well connected in the industry, on many insider and start up boards and we can get you in front of the influencers, investors and partners you need to know and need to know you. We offer monthly HR Tech Alliances events on different topics Monthly and most effectively Private events.  The private events are Just for you to meet the partners and connections you are looking for.  "Bouncer services included" 

Private, Hosted events are 6000 for half day

Timely HR Technology Stack Intelligence


Would it help you to know who is using your competitors products, who is looking to purchase your type of service or product, who just bought a complimentary product or a partners product?  Would you like to have this informatio when it matters most?  Work with the Chief Connector. 

By Hour @ 250/hr or by Appt (2000/appt)

Podcasts & Promotion


We can offer exposure on popular HR Podcasts and/or  the Design and Promotion of a customized Podcast Series.  We can then promote and expose that content to a very targeted list of organizations and contacts that can be provided by you or our group. 

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